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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tamil vaithiyam for weight loss / weight loss using kollu

Weight loss paati vaithiyam
 This is Tamil vaithiyam for weight loss and  weight loss using kollu. Kollu or horse gram or widely known as lentil dal is considered as one of the very effective home remedies for reducing weight within a short period. Kollu helps in weight loss and reduction of excess cholesterol.
The horse gram seeds directly affect on fatty tissues in the body. It forces body to use saturated fat to consume necessary energy and thus helps to melt the unnecessary body fat quickly. The heat produced by the horse gram can burn the body fat efficiently without any side effects. Those who are suffering from respiratory problems can take advantage of horse gram to get relief. This is one of the best Tamil maruthuvam for weight loss. See some of the recipes and methods used for horse gram weight loss in tamil medicine.

Weight loss Tamil medicine 
Daily consume horse gram to get desired results quickly. As it produces heat in the body, you need to consume cumin seeds or buttermilk along with it to balance body heat.

Kollu water weight loss: Drink horse gram juice to reduce weight rapidly. Cook horse gram seeds in water. Add salt, cumin seeds powder, black pepper powder and turmeric powder for taste. When the seeds are well cooked, filter the extracts and drink it on empty stomach. Continue this therapy for 3 to 6 months as per requirement.

Kollu rasam weight loss: Soak horse gram seeds in water for overnight. Morning cook seeds using pressure cooker and then grind them to make paste. Heat oil and fry mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilies and cumin seeds. Add horse gram paste and tamarind water in it. Have this Kollu juice for weight loss for 60 days. Boil the curry well by adding salt in it. Consume this tasty curry regularly for taste and weight loss benefits.

Kollu podi weight loss: Roast horse gram seeds and make fine powder. Make powder of cumin seeds, red chilies, garlic, coriander leaves and salt. Mix both powder and add a tsp of black pepper powder in it. Mix well and store in airtight container. Consume this powder daily twice for weight reduction.

Kollu soup for weight loss: Soak horse gram seeds overnight and morning cook it well. Grind the seeds and filter the extracts. Add cumin powder and salt in this soup. Consume it daily twice to get benefits.

Horse gram juice for weight loss: Dry roast horse gram seeds and make a fine powder. Store this powder in air tight container. Add the powder in buttermilk and consume daily to trim down extra fats.

Kollu paruppu for weight loss: Use horse gram seeds for lunch. Soak seeds in water for overnight. Morning remove from water and add finely roasted chopped onion, chillies, jeera and rock salt and black pepper powder in it. Grind like a nice paste and have with rice. Daily consumption of this healthy recipe will prove healthy and useful for weight reduction.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Nattu vaithiyam in Tamil treatments

Before starting any medicines or treatment, try this nattu vaithiyam in tamil remedies to treat many kinds of health problems.

Nattu vaithiyam for cough and cold: If you are suffering from cough and cold then consuming garlic soup. Garlic gives soothing relief for cold, congested nose and itching throat.   Consume a glass of lemon juice to increase the resistance of your body and it also helps to increase the stamina. Juice extracted from raw onion is very beneficial for the treatment of cold and blocked nose.  Those who are suffering from cold should consume minimum 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to avoid dehydration.  Chew few tulsi leaves to treat irritation in throat and cure dry cough effectively.   Boil basil leaves along with ginger in water and consume the hot water to get relief from cough and cold.

Paati vaithiyam for throat pain: Consuming grapes is a very good remedy for severe dry cough and itching in throat.  To stop coughing instantly drink a glass of hot water with a pinch of salt.  To get relief from blocked nose, try the remedy of taking hot shower.  Inhaling the steam can also prove beneficial for cold. The gelatin present in Marshmallows is beneficial for the treatment of sore throat and throat infections. Mix lemon juice and one tsp honey in hot water to get instant relief from sore throat and cough.

Patti vaithiyam for allergy and fever: To treat the rashes and reddishness due to fever, apply petroleum jelly on the affected area.  Mix a pinch of saffron in a tea and consume it to treat common fever.  Oranges are natural energy suppliers. It also helps the body to fight against infections.   Consume a glass of warm milk to get relief in fever and body pain. The application of oatmeal is very useful to treat eczema effectively.

Paati vaithiyam for acidity: To treat acidity and heart burn, consume water with baking soda dissolved in it. Baking soda works as a natural antacid.  Eat a ripe banana to treat the problem of acidity. Chew a piece of raw ginger to get rid of acidity and heart burn. Drink cold milk in empty stomach  for acidity problem.

Paati vaithiyam for mouth smell: The problem of bad breath can be solved by eating fresh yogurt.  If your child is suffering from hiccups, give a spoon of sugar to stop hiccups immediately. Eat fresh mint leaves for bad breath and mouth smell.