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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Patti vaithiyam for aanmai kuraivu Tamil medicine

 Patti vaithiyam for aanmai kuraivu Tamil medicine

This is patti vaithiyam for aanmai kuraivu Tamil medicine. The main reason behind male infertility is the insufficient sperm counts. The studies have proven that the male sperm counts should be minimum of 20 million per a milliliter of semen. If the count is lesser than this then it is considered as low sperm count.  The reasons can be many for this condition like hormonal imbalance, infections and many outer reasons like alcohol, smoking, drugs, excess use of chemicals etc.
aanmai kuraivu siddha vaithiyam is very effective to cure male infertility. There are few natural remedies which can prove helpful to fight the condition and also improve the sperm quality. Follow the below natural medicine aanmai kuraivu  neenga.  

Ashwagandha aanmai kuraivu  marunthu
From the ancient period Ayurveda suggests Ashwagandha for the treatment of infertility and low sperm counts. The consumption of ashwagandha can not only increase sperm count but also improves its quality. This medicinal herb is also useful in decreasing the level of stress and anxiety. It is advised to mix ½ spoon of ashwagandha powder in warm milk and consume it twice a day.

Aanmai kuraivu solution in tamil medicine using Garlic
It is another most trusted remedy for increasing the sperm counts effectively. The compound present in garlic is Allicin which is beneficial in the production of sperms.  The garlic also regulates the blood circulation and improves the sperm quality. It is advised to chew one or two raw garlic pods daily for the better results. You can also use garlic in your regular food intake.

Horny goad weeds Tamil aanmai kuraivu tips
This herb is generally used in Chinese medicines. It is also beneficial in increasing the sperm production in the body. This herb is very useful for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.  The horny goat weed supplements are available in the market. It is advised to consume 250 to 500 mg dose of weeds supplement daily for the positive results.

Aanmai kuraivu tamil medicine Green tea
It is proved that the antioxidants present in green tea can boost the male fertility efficiently. They also deactivate the free radicals which can cause the damage to sperm cells. The consumption of 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily can help you to increase your sperm counts and you can also lead a healthy life.  The ingredients used in Patti vaithiyam for aanmai kuraivu are food ingredients hence no side effects.